Faux Stone

If you want to create a very traditional and solid aesthetic in your home or commercial property, natural stone is one of the best materials to consider. Many property owners use natural stone on exterior and interior walls and in fireplace surrounds.

However, it is heavier and more expensive than any other materials available on the market. If you want to install features that have the appearance of stone but prefer not to spend big amounts of money on them, faux stone is the ideal option for you. This is one of the best alternatives to natural stone as well as manufactured veneer stone.

High Grade Faux Stone Products

We at Five Star Stone & Brick are a leading supplier of high quality faux stone products. Stable outdoor and indoor areas require resilient structures. This also means you need to use time-tested materials that are also aesthetically appealing and cost-effective.

And that is something we can help you with. We are a well-established company in this industry and clients from Tyler and the surrounding areas source various hardscaping and cladding products from us. We are a reliable supplier of different types of faux stone products and have the largest selection of these in East Texas.

What Is Faux Stone?

As mentioned earlier, faux stone is the perfect option if you are considering to create a natural stone look without the hassles, as well as expenses involved in installing the real thing. These products are available in panel form and are made from special low-density foam .They have an impact-resistant layer made of plastic, on top of them. It is important to understand that faux stone does not contain any mineral content.

Benefits of Faux Stone Panels

  • These products are easy to install because they are available as panels and sometimes can be as large as 4'x2' in size. In some instances, they are available in larger sizes as well. If you are looking for quicker installation, you can opt the latter.
  • Since these are typically made of foam; they are very lightweight and can be installed on almost any surface.
  • While most faux stone products are used in internal applications, some brands also manufacture these for exterior settings.
  • We carry a wide variety of faux stone products and our team is here to guide you on which ones would be best suited for your specific project.
  • These thin panels emulate the look of stone which means that they are available in a range of finishes and colors. You can opt for ones that match the look of various other features and installations in the area you are installing them.

Cost-Effective Faux Stone

We carry products only of the best brands and rest assured that the faux stone panels that you buy from us will enhance the appeal of the indoor and outdoor areas of your property. We have a decade of experience in this industry and can help you make the perfect choices when it comes to faux stone products.

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